What if Magic is All Around Us?
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Electricity; breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide; giving birth to a new life – what if all of these were kinds of magic?

Works on the Law of Attraction teach us to believe and act as if we already have what we want, in order for it to manifest into this reality. Through science and society we believe so much in things like electricity, how different chemicals react with each other, and a thousand other things.

Moises Jimenez

If you dig deeper and deeper into a situation, continuously asking questions such as why and how, you will come to a point where it cannot be explained any further. For example, we cannot explain consciousness any further. When we come to the point that we can no longer explain – that is called magic.

I am in no way discrediting science. Science is extremely important and helps us wrap our minds around concepts and understand things in greater depth. I personally believe that science, spiritually, and magic go hand in hand.


Science is magic that works

– Kurt Vonnegut

According to what Kurt Vonnegut said, we as human beings can create magic – and have been doing so for centuries – to such a degree of certainty that it works like clock work.

We can manipulate reality. Obviously. By moving, and interacting with objects and living beings we are manipulating reality. Reality is like a lake. A small stone which is thrown into the lake will create ripple effects. The ripple effects are always much greater than the size of the stone. Never underestimate your power.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

– Albert Einstein

Almos Bechtold

What if magic is around us in our day to day activities? It would mean we will believe in the power of our minds so much more than we do now. We will believe with such conviction that we truly can manifest things and situations.

What are your thoughts? We eagerly want to hear what you think about magic and it’s place in our everyday lives.

Wishing you lots of happiness and magic that works!

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