What if We Measure Success Differently?
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We usually have these random conversations about different aspects of life. Recently we were discussing about measurements of success. Success is usually measured according to:

  • how much of wealth a person accumulates; and
  • the achievement of his/her goals.


Would if success was measured differently? For example by how happy a person is. Measuring success according to happiness seems like a good idea, but how do you measure happiness?

Andre Hunter



Another measurement could be how many educational qualifications someone has. How how high his or her marks are. That is a pretty quantifiable measurement but people who are highly academic vary in terms of monetary gains or happiness.


What about health? Being healthy in this day and age is a HUGE achievement. It’s so easy to live on junk food and a lot of health products are relatively expensive when compared to the usual food on offer at the super markets. So could health be another measurement of success? How exactly could it be measured? What are your thoughts?


The other measure of success which I feel is a great one is of much a person has explored the world. Not many people aspire towards it, a lot wait until retirement, and many more cannot afford to do it. Exploring other countries, or even other cities within your province broadens your horizons and takes you to another level. I absolutely love those 3 day or 1 day trips to places nearby. Especially the less explored places.

Holger Link


What if success was measured by all of these? You cannot do much in life if your health is severely compromised, certain doors opens a lot more easily with education then without it, money makes almost everything easier and less stressful, adventure adds colour to your life, and of course the achievement of your goals is one of the foundations towards a successful life. And if you are sad, what’s the point?

We believe success is about achieving all of these aspects and more. It’s about having a balance in life. What other aspects do you think are important components of being successful? We would love to hear your thoughts.

Wishing you lots of happiness.

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